Early Years

I started making images as a child. I learned in my Dad's darkroom developing film and prints.  

Photos below from left to right:
-Dad with camera in hand (no surprise)
-Me with my first camera an Olympus Pen; I am guessing age 6 or 7
-Me excited about a new lens for my Pentax ES II; guessing age 8 or 9

My first camera

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By the time I was fourteen my passion for cars combined with photography. This was the first time I turned "Pro" as I was published in magazines like Super Stock, Dragstar News and National Dragster. This is when I came up with "KiT Photos" I broke in to the field with the picture below. I was fortunate enough to get sequence of seven shots of the body flying off the chassis of Dogder Glenn's Frantic Ford funny car.  Note in the image below that all four tires are off the ground.  This was the first time at the races with my new camera an Olympus OM-1.

Frantic Ford in Print

Dodger Glen

Dodger Glenn 1974

Dodge Glen body open
If you knew anything about race cars in those days, you may have heard of the "Snake" and the "Mongoose". Below is Don "The Snake" Prudhomme after he won the Summer Nationals for the first time in 1976. This race had eluded him for years, having never won it. Prudhomme went the previous season winning six out of eight races; where one of the two races he lost was the "Summers". I love the look on his face; it is win that he is really savoring. By the way he beat his nemesis Tom "The Mongoose" McEwen in the final round. As you can see by this time (16 years old) I was equipped with a "Press Pass".

Don "The Snake" Prudhomme

Prudhomme wins Summers
In high school I was the Photo Editor for the year book. What a job; taking pictures of friends and in particular the girls. I also took many pictures of New York City. Some from atop the World Trade Center (Do I need to say: The original WTC?).

Then off to college where I studied business. I had little time for photography as I worked at Olden Camera while attending school. From then on I was a "Business Man" and not a "Photographer" Another passion computers and video games led me to spending thirty years in the video game business in various sales, marketing and business development functions. I worked at some of the biggest and best game publishers like Electronic Arts, Virgin Interactive, Atari and Capcom. In those days I always carried a camera with me.

That period of my life ended a few years ago. You know how they say that everything goes round like a circle, also some say "What is old is new again"? Again I am doing something I love. I am once again a photographer for money, yep a "Professional".

I specialize in event and corporate photography,

-KiT- Photos



Samples above show some of my recent professional work. There are many more though out this site along with my personal images for my friends and I. For further samples please check out www.decadeofsuccess.com. This is the 2013 site I built for a division of Southern Wine and Spirits; Coastal Wine and Spirits Florida. For Coastal Wine and Spirits I have been fortunate to attend three years of sales meetings that I have been commissioned to document in photography.

From all my years in sales and marketing I know how to approach, record and promote your business or function with a camera.

Ken Tannenbaum
-KiT- Photos
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Nikon at KiTPhotos dot com

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